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News Briefs 21-02-2014

You really don’t want H1N1 flu. It’s deep misery for 10 days or longer. (What do you think I’ve been recovering from since New Years?) The CDC says H1N1 is still on a rampage, so, please, get vaccinated.

A big thanks to RickMG and Red Pill Junkie.

Headline & Quote of the Day:

Smartest Kid Ever Sells Girl Scout Cookies Outside a Medical Marijuana Clinic

Duuude. It is a rare magical moment when the invisible hand makes a shaka sign and supply wafts up to mingle with the perfumed plumes of demand.


  1. The Flu Stew
    Back around September/October, my wife and I each got flu shots about a week apart. I had no issues but she ended up with a 24 hr stay in the hospital within 24 hours of getting vaccinated.

    Her symptoms were almost a textbook case of Anaphylaxis, which is quite serious and which is one possible result of an allergic reaction to the flu vaccine. But over the course of her time in the ER and room-stay, she saw so many doctors of varying specialties that each rendered a differing verdict.
    One even tried giving her a nitro-tab… the outcome of which scared the hell out of both of us. (She has a history of super-ventricular tachycardia).

    By mid-afternoon the following day, the symptoms had reduced and she was released.

    Now then… that all noted, back during the middle of January (roughly four months after the shots), we both came down with H1N1. We were officially diagnosed by a local doc-in-a-box urgent care office by way of blood samples and nose swabs.

    Fortunately… while the vaccine didn’t prevent this bug from illegally entering our bodies, it obviously gave us the ability to fight it off and our symptoms were mild, at worst. Within about 10 days it had passed.

    So, here’s the situation or… as the title says, the flu stew; the vaccine caused a serious allergic reaction in my wife however, it also helped us win the war against the virus.

    Next year, she’ll be wondering whether… having a history of cardiac issues, to risk another round with Anaphylaxis – or – chance the flu bug head on?

  2. My cat bit me, and now I’m turning into a cat!
    You’re already a Kat!

    …I suspect the depression component’s partly due t’the sense o’ rejection some people experience when their cats turn on ’em ‘specially the first time.

    I also suspect people forget cats’re people an’ if you rake your nails up an’ down people’s spines or massage their stomachs an’ chests things’re apt t’turn all hot’n’bothered.

    Cats o’ course’re into really vicious sex slow motioned yowl an’ slash fests culminatin’ in the male quite viciously sinkin’ its teeth in the female’s nape.

    Some’ll say ah but my tiddles was doctored an’ doesn’t have a sexual urge in her/his body.

    Ah but that’s what the Ancient Chinese/Egyptians thought until some o’ their eunuchs started gettin’ caught with Osiris like artificial peckers.

    1. Question for Greg – what is
      Question for Greg – what is the correlation between experience of NDE and extraordinary recovery from a death state that should have caused permanent brain damage? It is just mind blowing that the NDE’er in today’s post should have recovered like that after 45 minutes and with no extreme measures taken such as super chilling the body. Are there any theories about the NDE state somehow being protective?

  3. werewolves and werecats
    The werewolf is moving more like a primate than a canine. In fact Brazil, surrounded by jungle, it probably is a common thing to have an ape or monkey in your backyard. as for its face, maybe it’s holding something in its mouth, or maybe it’s a guy in a suit. the anatomy of a wolf makes its center on gravity forward not side to side, so the movement is way off. if it’s a hoax, they need to study up on their canine anatomy more.

    Cats: my step brother had cats and has depression, but an abusive father may be more to blame.

    1. werewolves
      For a second, near the end of the video, it just looked like a normal – but probably drunk – human male in a black sweater and with a Halloween-style full-head mask on.

      What’s interesting about this, to me, is the reaction of the locals.

  4. H(ush)1-N1
    There’s been around 374 deaths caused by H1-N1 here in Mexico since January, yet the government says there’s no cause for alarm. According to them, the situation is different than in 2009 because “now we know more about the virus.”

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