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Trying Human: It Will Abduct Your Free Time!

As geek-child of the 80’s,I might have missed the Silver Age of comic books by a few decades, but right now I’m thrilled to be going through the Golden Age of webcomics, thanks to increased bandwidth & a plethora of talented artists willing to offer their art free of charge.

For several years I’ve been a devoted fan of Trying Human, a webcomic created by the talented Emy Bitner, who should be right up the alley of Grailers since it’s inspired by one of our favorite subjects: The UFO phenomenon.

Reading the pages of TH one is quickly aware of 2 things: Emy is a very accomplished artist –after she polished her drawing chops, she decided to remake a big chunk of the pages she’d already posted, in order to get a more unified style; that’s dedication for you!– AND she’s also well-steeped in the nuances of the UFO mythos & the alien abduction lore; because of this the theme of the comic is a bit dark, yet it’s first & foremost a very original romance story between Hue, a ‘tall gray’ alien who falls in love with Rose, a red-haired girl whose world is turned upside down after she realizes she’s an abductee. Add a couple of quirky reptilians to provide some comedic relief, and you’re up for an enjoyable read!

Emy has completed Volume 1 of Trying Human, and she’s launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds for a printed edition, with a lot of juicy rewards for the backers. I’ve already pledged for a signed paperback copy, but there’s still 22 days to help her reach her goal.

So check out her website, and if you like what you see then try to be a generous human, and help bring this interstellar affair to the printer shop.

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