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In the past, we’ve explored the potential applications the ubiquity of modern smartphone technology could have in improving our understanding of human consciousness –See ‘An App to Remember your Dreams’— and we regularly link to updates with the famous Global Consciousness Project, which relies on random number generators (RNGs) to gauge whether significant social events could have any detectable impact in what they call ‘the unified field of consciousness’, a.k.a. the Noosphere.

The GCP currently operates with about 70 of such generators, distributed all around the world. But what if we could increase that number ten-fold, a thousand-fold, or even a million-fold?

Enter the Collective Consciousness App:

If you like the idea of exploiting consumerist snobbishness in favor of noetic research, then be sure to support the app’s Indiegogo campaign.

[H/T Who Forted? & @anomalistnews]