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Black Friday video mash-up. The good news: nobody died this year.

  • Sexual frustration decreases lifespan. Yep, sucks the will to live right outta ya.
  • If people can take hard drugs and still go on being paid to run running a national bank or Canadaโ€™s biggest city, how dangerous can such substances be?
  • For 20 years, the nuclear launch code at US Minuteman silos was 00000000.
  • A gigantic ‘communal latrine’, created at the dawn of the dinosaurs, has been unearthed in Argentina.
  • Your brain continually eats itself – apparently.
  • Distant memories: Mice can ‘warn’ sons, grandsons of dangers via sperm.
  • No, humans are not chimp-pig hybrids. Could’ve fooled me.
  • Crocodiles and alligators use tools.
  • From Turing to Snowden: Revelations show transatlantic intelligence pact started in second world war is expanding beyond states’ ability to control it.
  • New report compiles extensive evidence showing how some of the world’s largest corporations have conspired partnered with private intelligence firms and government intelligence agencies to spy on activist and nonprofit groups.
  • Why things are going wrong in biomedical research.
  • Hey, ya’ll — this video of people taking the American dialect survey is fascinating.
  • Why are there so many tunnels under London?
  • How to store all those bits and bytes cheaply and reliably? Magnetic tape.
  • Inside the high-tech fortresses of the super-rich. Anybody know what kind of gas knocks you out for 24 hours?
  • Google has its employees using Macs, not Windows or its own Chromebooks.

Quote of the Day:

A stupid man’s report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.

Bertrand Russell