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News Briefs 25-11-2013

Scientists battle to save orchid at the edge of extinction. Reminds me of the movie, Adaptation (Amazon US & UK).

Quote of the Day:

If you put a computer in front of children and remove all other adult restrictions, they will self-organize around it, like bees around a flower.

Sugata Mitra, in the last article linked above.

  1. Board game piece from the seventh century
    I’m often amazed by the fact that archaeologists regularly make claims wilder and more speculative than that of the most fringe of fringe theorists.

    They have no idea what this “game piece” represents or what it was used for yet, rather than acknowledge that, they conjure up all sorts of dren.

  2. Like “bees around a flower” ???

    As with all things – *some* children will gather round a ‘pute. Many will do that with clay, Leggo, animals, games or just about anything that’s interactive. And, if you remove all adult restrictions, many will leave the ‘pute and head outside to play

    Liking what children do to what bees do around flowers is . .umm . yeah . .

  3. Duffy
    But if the person she is helping has a hard time getting the laundry in, wouldn’t that mean the person would need help from the dog getting it out of the machine? Therefore, getting dog slobber on the newly cleaned clothing? Either way, she’s one step above my brother who seems to be completely helpless when figuring out how to set the front loader 😛

  4. China
    Actually, you should probably avoid all fish from China. And that’s easier said than done, because if you’ve ever ordered shrimp from a restaurant, they probably got it from a distributor that got it from China. And ever since that outbreak a few years back (and kind of still ongoing) of tainted pet food, I avoid it for my pets as well.

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