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News Briefs 09-10-2013

Be the bear & wolf, make an unlikely friendship.

Thanks Greg.

Quote of the Day:

“Saying of the Mulla Nasrudin. If I survive this life without dying, I’ll be surprised.

~ Idries Shah, The Pleasantries of the Incredible Mulla Nasrudin.

  1. Mullah Nasrudin – my fave tale attribute to him
    One night a neighbor of Mullah Nasrudin was walking home and found Mullah squatting on the ground beside a lamp post evidently looking for something.

    “What’s the matter Mullah?” asked the concerned neighbor.

    “I have lost my keys” replied Mullah

    “Oh! Here let me help you.” and the kindly neighbor got down on his knees and started searching for Mullah’s keys as well.

    After some time spent looking the neighbor straightened up and quite puzzled asked “are you sure you dropped your key’s here?”

    “Oh, I didn’t drop them here.” replied Mullah.

    “Where did you drop them ?!?” exclaimed the now bewildered neighbor.

    “Over there” and Mullah pointed to the front of his house enshrouded in darkness.

    “So why are you looking for them here ??!!??” exclaimed the now exasperated neighbor.

    “Because the light is over here.” replied Mullah.

    1. an old tale
      “…and so when the wolf brothers were washed ashore, they looked up and saw the footprints of bears leading up the beach. And one of the brothers said, “Look, our friends are here.”

      There are many Native American tales that speak of the bear and wolf being allies. The bear tribes, for example, would even give their newborns names that associated them with the wolf. And whenever a new shaman of the wolf tribe was initiated, the Bear Clan would celebrate.

      I’m keeping the first picture in the article, really great.

      1. old but still good
        Thanks for sharing that, LastLoup! I wonder if the goodwill between the bear and wolf clans was influenced by observing their totem animals cooperating just like the lucky photographer in the article did. It’s a pretty rare event, bears and wolves usually stay clear of each other and compete for food sources. I guess the wolf in question doesn’t have a pack, and the bear looks fairly young too.

        Anyways, here’s a polar bear and huskies playing together:

        1. daaaaaawwwww
          bear hugz X3

          Here is some further reading for you Rick:

          and from here:

          “Nevertheless, the Bear and Wolf Clans have the strongest friendship relations in the tribe, even to the extent, according to some, that they will avenge one another’s clansmen. Historically, it is typically the Wolf Clan that buries members of the Bear Clan. When a Bear clansman dies, he is buried with a miniature Bear Clan warbundle, and sometimes with a bow and arrows in hand. Sacramental tobacco is also placed with the body. The facial markings put upon the dead person were designed to make them look ursine and consisted of one charcoal line across the forehead with a red line beneath it. The entire chin was painted red, which was said to be a smile, since Bear clansmen greet death with joy inasmuch as they will soon be reunited with their kinsmen in Spiritland. This is why Bear clansmen should never mourn for their dead.Others say that when a member of the Bear Clan died, the bear leader painted his face with the bear clan colors in transverse stripes on the forehead, and a blue stripe lengthwise on the chin.”

          I recommend searching around that site, it’s quite interesting.

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