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Unless all the intelligent life forms on Earth focus their attention on the Fukushima crisis within the next six weeks, it’s quite likely they’ll soon be kissing their arses goodbye — along with every other lifeform on the planet. The media has been reporting on the dire and imminent threat associated with any attempt to remove over 1,300 bent, brittle fuel rods from a tettering pool of water 100 feet above ground. The smallest mistake – rods getting too close to each other or one coming in contact with air – could destroy civilization and the whole world’s environment. This is an issue of human survival. If we don’t act to stop them, in November, the inept, irresponsible, and deceitful artificial lifeform named TEPCO is to begin trying to remove the damaged fuel rods from reactor 4. Shouldn’t we at least try to find someone better qualified, and with more integrity?

Quote of the Day:

Me, I want to bloody kick this moronic bloody world in the bloody teeth over and over till it bloody understands that not hurting people is ten bloody thousand times more bloody important than being right.

David Mitchell, Black Swan Green