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The news is saying this is officially the wettest month in Mexico’s history! Hell, it’s f#%$ing pouring out of my office as I’m typing this; which for me it means I’ll have to wait a few hours ’til I can get back home, but for thousands it means the loss of everything they own. So please consider donating to the Red Cross, or any NGO of your choosing, to support the victims of this historical natural disaster. Muchas gracias.

  • In more cheerful news, our good friend Loren Coleman is getting married on Halloween.
  • Speaking of vintage hardware that works better than modern crap, here’s how Voyager 1 keeps boldly going 36 years after its launch.
  • “In the name of the Cosmic Father, the Alien Jesus & the Holy Smokes, Batman!”
  • Stephen Hawking is completely sold on the Transhumanist scam promise of (digital) immortality.
  • Looking at the brain signals beyond the conventional flatline.
  • In the latest episode of the Duncan Trussell Family Hour, philosopher/pornstar Conner Habib tries to convince Duncan to turn the Techno-Christ gospel down a notch.
  • Is Disney’s upcoming movie Tomorrowland about Tesla? Will they be tackling the whole Martian signals/Black Knight mythos?
  • Sci-Fi author Neal Stephenson wants to help build a 20-km high skyscraper to launch rockets into space –Half-Life Citadel anyone?
  • Cigar-shaped UFO over Dusseldorf airport?
  • Pyramidal-shaped structure found 40 meters off the Azores, Portugal. Gimme an ‘A’! Gimme a ‘T’! Gimme an ‘L’! …
  • Is the Sun’s 11-year cycle regulated by dark matter?
  • How does IPCC chairman Ottmar Edenhofer manage to keep his cool during heated Climate Change debates? Perhaps he’s taken a course in the Argument Clinic.
  • No witches were burned during the making of this Salem trial.
  • It seems that in the United States, ‘telepathic rape’ is still not recognized as a felony…
  • Pop Sci: “Trolls made us shut down the comments, Waaa!”. io9: “Bull$#1t!”
  • Red Pill of the Day: This here video proves Morrisey is a big infomercial fan (via Dangerous Minds).

Thanks to Rod Stobart, Holly, Rick & King Namor.

Quote of the Day:

“Immediately the wooden figures were annihilated, destroyed, broken up, and killed.
A flood was brought about by the Heart of Heaven; a great flood was formed which fell on the heads of the wooden creatures.”

~From the pages of the Popol Vuh (Book I, Chapter 3)