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News Briefs 09-09-2013

After 54 consecutive days of temps above 90F, including last Friday’s record of 97F, I’m looking forward to today’s high being in the mid-80s.

Quote of the Day:

We made the bold move of replacing a sociopath with another sociopath. Onwards!

Greg Taylor, @DailyGrail, presumably regarding Oz’s recent election.

  1. Sky Sounds…
    Question – does anybody buy into these sky sound videos? Or are they all hoaxes? I live north of Los Angeles, south of Palmdale and occasionally military jets fly over very fast with their loud engines – by the time I look out my window they are long gone, but their engine noise will reverberate for quite a while, as sound waives travel slowly ever expanding outward… The sky groaning in these video recordings do not sound like these military jets, but could be other secret planes long out of sight, or just plain hoaxes. The prosaic explanations seem more likely than vortexes opening or the four horsemen of the apocalypse… Have there been any news media actually capturing these or only individual posters. Seems if truly happening would be heard so widespread news media should be able to capture, rather then reporting after the fact…

      1. Thanks Emlong
        This video is compelling, but still – radio dj’s have been known to prank and do some stupid stuff… If they are real though, probably result of some government program like HAARP or communications program like using ELF underwater messing up whales, or testing some program to note the public’s reactions. Still would be nice if a real news crew captured it – which if it was real, would be so widespread, the police and news should be alerted in time. They should be flooded with calls, same as when a meteor streaks across the sky, etc… But in these videos the sounds continue for several minutes and longer… Intriguing, but still skeptical at this point.

        1. Joe Rogan
          In it’s 2nd episode of Joe Rogan Questions Everything, Joe went to a town in Canada bordering with Detroit where people have been complaining about sky sounds. Joe interviewed a guy who claimed to have 2 terabytes of recorded sounds; and even though he himself never heard the sound, he thought the story was credible.

          As for the actual CAUSE of the sounds themselves, that is still a mystery.

  2. blue dogs
    I saw the episode, and it actually still left me with questions. The DNA she got back states it’s closest living relatives are the Mexican Gray Wolf and coyotes, however, the mounted hide shows strange “nodules” as she called them on it’s butt, essentially it has butt cheeks. It also seems to only have two tits, unlike ANY canine which has eight on the underbelly. The tests could not however say it was a direct descendant or relative of wolves, coyotes, foxes, dogs, or any known canid. Here’s the video:
    Also it’s eyes are another oddball trait, a trait not seen in wild canids unless they mixed with something that had those eyes. And no, that wasn’t a choice on her part, that is the actual color of their eyes.

    I think it may be an off-shoot species. There are canine-like animals that live in other places of the world that are not genetically related to wolves, yet look like wolves. Case and point the Maned Wolf (aka Stilt-legged fox) of South America, who is not technically a wolf.

    1. Xoloitzcuintle

      Maybe this is history repeating itself. Perhaps these 'Texan Chupacabras*' suffered the same type of spontaneous mutation that originated the Mexican hairless dog some 3000 years ago.


      (*) I don't consider these hairless canids to be Chupacabras anyway. The original cryptid from Puerto Rico was a two-legged reptile with red eyes & a crested back.

      1. Re: RPG
        I agree, this is a possibility too. More testing is needed and more people like Phylis need to keep the bodies and get them properly tested. I’m sure there are more out there that have been killed…sitting in a freezer.

        1. The canine looks a bit
          The canine looks a bit dingo-ish too.

          As many people in south Texas as there are are messing about with breeding the ultimate hog catching dog and whatnot it is entirely possible that someone came us with this thing and then a herd of them got loose and established themselves as a sort of feral breed. You would think though that mixing with other canines would quickly dilute the original breed if they are running loose.

      2. I watched the TV show too. It
        I watched the TV show too. It was striking too how the police cruiser footage always show the canine running straight down the road without veering off and also the reports by people who had chased it cross country in vehicles claiming that it could run preternaturally fast. I vote for some natural breed branch similar in situation to that of the Maine Coon Cat.

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