News Briefs 05-09-2013

There’s no place like home
There’s no place like home
There’s no place like —oh CRAP!

Thanks to Susan.

Quote of the Day:
“It is merely the commotion of ants, dazzled by the glimmer of millions of suns.”

~Pedro Ferriz Santa Cruz † (1921-2013)

    1. My pleasure 🙂
      Here’s a little confession: I have issues with Randle. He comes out as a very skeptical researcher of many things within the UFO phenomenon —except Roswell!

      That seemed to me like something of a bias. Like maybe deep inside of him he refused to let go of that one case on which most of his career is based –I’m picturing Robin Williams in the movie Fisher King, pleading to the Red Knight “please, let me have this.”

      But then I listened to the latest episode of TOSoT, and by far it’s the best interview of Randle I’ve listened to. I was impressed by the honesty of his answers, and how after so many years of having witnesses & pieces of evidence that blew up in his face, he’s not as certain about the non-Earthly origin of the Roswell debris as he once was. That’s why I chose to link it 🙂

    1. LOL
      Some people said the site could become a public restaurant, with people bringing their food & placing them on the street until they were cooked.

      In fact, I can’t help imagining a post-apocalyptic scenario where future Londoners would use the building as an energy source. The thing would become as sacred as ancient Stonehenge! 😛

      1. what i meant
        that Nature likes to defy physics, by making new math, but it does work with it. it doesn’t make sense at first to us humans. Nature has set rules to the patterns it follows, equations that can calculate it’s way around everything. These equations lead to evolution and mutations. So perhaps what we are most likely seeing in the “white fence eggs” is a new species rather than an adaptation.

        As for the sponge, I have a venus flower basket in my collection, but I collect a lot of things. Shells, fossils, oddities, etc. in a cabinet of curiosities…

          1. What most gets me about such
            What most gets me about such elaborations of natural selection is that the amount of time required is just so enormous. It is hard to wrap the mind around it. I crave some sense of time – how much of it has passed, but the yardstick is just beyond comprehension. That the sun continues to set and rise steady as ever for damn near forever with nary a hitch or a hiccup just blows me away.

          2. No, I can’t abide his new
            No, I can’t abide his new show on the SyFy channel, but I get your drift, Rogan is known infamously for shouting “Wow!” What would a championship MMA contest be without Rogan yelling “Wow!” in the background as a commentator? So, yeah here is my “Wow! for all its triteness. Wow!

          3. Wow!
            That’s not why I brought him up. Yeah the TV show was kind of a downer, but I still have a huge respect for Powerful Joe, because I get inspired by the sheer sense of wonder he transmits in his voice, when he talks about stuff many people take for granted –the kind of things that only children, geniuses (& potheads) take an interest in 😉


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