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Father Recreates His Son’s Dreamworld

Most adults pay little attention to their own dreams, let alone the vivid imaginations of their children. Not so multimedia professional David Niles, who spent six years lovingly recreating the dreams of his son Nate.

I wanted to put my son into his own imaginary world … Often he’s imagined fantastic things or described a world he was imagining, such as seeing himself as an octopus or pretending to be a tornado. I think that it is important to be able to have an imagination at any age, and I tried to get this across by combining my own ideas as well as Nate’s.

Visit the website of David Niles to view the complete gallery of Nate’s adventures, as well as David’s other multimedia art. It’s a wonderful project that I hope not only inspires you to dream wild and far; but as the U2 lyric goes, dream out loud. We too often ignore our dreams, keeping them separate from our waking life like well manicured lawns bordering a forest. There might be dinosaurs, and you could turn into an octopus, but as David and Nate have shown, imagination is its own reward. So take a walk on the moon, and run with the woolly mammoths…

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