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News Briefs 26-08-2013

Stay safe, Red Pill Junkie. Stories like this make me worry for you.

Quote of the Day:

Let’s be realistic. Going to Burning Man isn’t cheap. Most people who have the wherewithal to do that have real jobs somewhere. And if they disappear to the dark side of the moon for a week, they have to at least every couple days or so take a look at the emails, make sure nothing’s on fire back home.

David Burgess, in the article linked just above.

  1. Stories like this…
    From the photo album in that article:

    Local self-defense squads watch as Mexican army soldiers enter the town of La Ruana, Michoacan, Mexico, Monday, May 20, 2013. Residents of western Mexico towns who endured months besieged by a drug cartel are cheering the arrival of hundreds of Mexican army troops. Hundreds of people in the state of Michoacan have taken up arms to defend their villages against drug gangs, a vigilante movement born of frustration at extortion, killings and kidnappings in a region wracked by violence. (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte)

    This is a lie. The army is being sent to those towns NOT to confront the cartels, but to disarm the self-defense squads, who are being perceived as a bigger threat to the government’s authority.

    I’ve been meaning to write about this. I promise I’ll do it soon enough.

  2. Roaches check out!
    You’ve got to feel for poor Wang, the cockroach farmer. This is going to be tough to overcome at his next job interview…

    Boss: So, Wang, what was your last employment?

    Wang: I worked for myself, farming cockroaches.

    Boss: Really, that’s a thing?

    Wang: Yes. For medicine.

    Boss: And why did you decide to change industries?

    Wang: I lost too much money.

    Boss: You lost money growing cockroaches? Don’t they pretty much take care of themselves?

    Wang: There was an incident.

    Boss: An “incident”?

    Wang: Some cockroaches escaped.

    Boss: How many is some?

    Wang: About a million.

    Boss: (pause) I see…

    Wang: There were lawsuits.

    Boss: You know, Wang, I don’t think you will fit in with our management group.

    Wang: Please, I’ll do anything! Your ads say you have an opening for a janitor…

    Boss: Ummm, I think we already filled that position. Good luck with your job search, Wang!

    1. can i ask a dumb question?
      why are we farming roaches? shit, if you can make a profit off of these things than why are we in debt? Clearly these guys have never been to EVERY APARTMENT IN NEW YORK!!!

      1. Not so dumb
        When I read the article, my first thought was, a million cockroaches isn’t all that many. There’s probably at least a million per city block in New York City.

        Granted, they were the smaller German version, but I once saw about 30,000 cockroaches, all at one time, in a single apartment in Memphis. The two human residents had unintentionally built them a towering cardboard palace in a corner of the kitchen.

        1. Dumb Calculations
          The mature American cockroach is approximately 1.6 inches long. If we allot 2 square inches per cockroach, that’s a density of 72 cockroaches per square foot. 1 million cockroaches divided by 72 roaches/sq.ft. yields 13,889 square feet covered by roaches or slightly less than 1/3 of an acre.

          1. 72 per sqft of Surface
            >> 1 million cockroaches divided by 72 roaches/sq.ft. yields 13,889 square feet covered by roaches or slightly less than 1/3 of an acre.

            In that case, I vastly underestimated the number of roaches per city block in NYC. For the real number, one would have to estimate the usual number of roaches per square foot, then figure the total square footage of both sides of all surfaces, horizontal and vertical, in every (multistory) building (including contents), plus all accessible surfaces underground.

            I wonder if anyone in New York has ever actually tried to estimate the number of roaches (or rats) per city block. For all I know, they estimate the numbers of both annually.

          2. all i know is…
            …keep them the hell out of my house! Although the Chinese roaches that escaped will probably hop a freighter ship and invade California. Run California, Run!

    1. True enough
      Although some people first become addicted to prescribed opiates like oxycontin –maybe they had a back injury or whatever– and once they are hooked, they move to heroine because it’s easier to acquire.

  3. I Mudd
    “Will we ever want to have sex with robots?”

    Why not?

    The male is driven to sex like the old story of lemurs to the cliff. If the subject… err, robot resembles a human woman enough… and has the appropriate sum of necessities, guys will join with it.

    The old (original) Star Trek episode saw Chekov making that very determination. (I looked for the scene at Youtube but it doesn’t seem to exist). He asked questions and the answers were that these girl androids were as human… as females, as he could possible desire.

    1. Where’s my Cherry 3000????!!
      I don’t know. If sexbots would encourage people not to seek a relationship with ‘real’ human beings, then that seems problematic.

      Other than that, it would probably be the next step in onanism 😉

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