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News Briefs 12-08-2013

Greg tweeted, ‘I tried to look at the Perseids but some jerk put a northern hemisphere in my way.’
All I saw when I looked up was light pollution. The last time I saw actual stars, I was up in the mountains, west of Colorado Springs — about a decade ago.
Note to self: Never move an ashtray to the left!

Quote of the Day:

What’s it like to envision the ten-thousand-year environmental impact of tossing a plastic bottle into the trash bin, all in the single second it takes to actually toss it? Or the ten-thousand-year history of the fossil fuel being burned to drive to work or iron a shirt? It may be environmentally progressive, but it’s not altogether pleasant. Unless we’re living in utter harmony with nature, thinking in ten-thousand-year spans is an invitation to a nightmarish obsession. It’s a potentially burdensome, even paralyzing, state of mind. Each present action becomes a black hole of possibilities and unintended consequences. We must walk through life as if we had traveled into the past, aware that any change we make — even moving an ashtray two inches to the left — could ripple through time and alter the course of history. It’s less of a Long Now than a Short Forever.

First paragraph of the book excerpt linked just above.

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