News Briefs 25-07-2013

By George!

  • India still seeking explanations, after China denied any involvement in the UFO sightings over the Himalayan border.
  • Physicist Dr. Eric Davis says some UFOs are examples of ‘supremely advanced technology.’ Skeptics attacking him are examples of supremely advanced douchebaggery.
  • Paul Davies: “If we ever encounter ET, it’s overwhelmingly likely to be post-biological.” Which it doesn’t necessarily equates to ‘cybernetic’ IMHO.
  • Alan Turing to receive a posthomous pardon for being gay. Perhaps I’m being pedantic with semantics, but shouldn’t he be EXONERATED instead?
  • Dean Radin discusses his new book Supernormal on Skeptiko [Amazon US & UK].
  • The theory that explains reality by considering infinite branches of it.
  • Death does not hit you like lightning, but spreads like a wave.
  • Seize the siesta! Sleep deficit can sap your productivity away.
  • The new trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity shows Guillermo del Toro is *far* from being the only visionary filmmaker who’s come out of Mexico.
  • The good folks at Cracked help us find comfort on the fact that we’ll never be able to afford a ticket to space.
  • German police to test 3D-printed guns.
  • Humans are war-like by nature, right? WRONG!
  • RIP professor Mike Morwood, the archeologist who discovered the Flores Hobbit.
  • Skeptics started to question Joe Rogan’s new TV show even BEFORE it premiered.
  • Michael Hastings: Death by hack-crash?
  • Red Pill of the Day: California dreaming droning.

Thanks to Kat, Rick, Susan. And to Kate & William, for giving their lil’ prince a name that will prevent him from having flashy stuff with his engraved initials.

Quote of the Day:

“By believing passionately in something that does not yet exist, we create it”

~Nikos Kazantzakis

  1. Michael Hastings
    That is a very bizarre story. Apparently, modern cars (especially the techy Mercedes models, like the one Mr. Hastings was driving) have “black boxes” that could tell a lot about what was going on when the crash occurred.

    Wonder who has the “black box” now…and if its actual contents will ever be made public?

    1. Black box

      The fire was so all-consuming that it took the Los Angeles County coroner’s office two days to identify Hastings’ body, but Clarke said a cyber attack on the vehicle would have been nearly impossible to trace “even if the dozen or so computers on board hadn’t melted.”

      By the looks of it, who knows if the black box survived the crash.

      I also read that Hastings’ body was cremated, this despite the family’s wishes; which only adds wood to the conspiratorial fire.

    1. Colorado
      Yep, I mentioned that one on the last Red Pills of the Week.

      Re. Rogan: I really wanna watch the show, so I’ll guess I have no choice but to resort to nefarious channels to procure it –Sorry SyFy, you started it when you decided to geo-block your stuff…

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