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News Briefs 22-07-2013

Remember the general who tried to run through the wall, in the opening scene of The Men Who Stare At Goats? Turns out, theoretically, he was right.

Thanks, Ed.

Quote of the Day:

There are deep social ramifications in surveillance societies that are often overlooked, especially once they become established intergenerationally. Perhaps the best example is not so much East Germany’s “Stasi”, but rather Coucescou’s Romania, where truly every action observable was reported and being seen in public with the wrong expression could be sufficient to draw attention of the secret police. Those born into such societies learn quickly that to survive one must be deliberately deceptive at all times. This quickly bleeds into all other human relations, personal, family, commercial, etc. That is what the true future of the US is, and the true cost of surveillance is the social destruction of society itself.

gnudyfet’s comment under Tomorrow’s Surveillance: Everyone, everywhere, all the time.

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