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Geez, I unplug for one week, and my favorite ‘crackpot-blogger conspriacy theory’ splashes onto the front pages of all the mainstream media worldwide. And judging by some of the news photos I’ve seen, a lot of those ‘alien underground bases’ in YouTube videos are actually full of NSA employees and computers. If you’ve already read some of today’s news — sorry, I’m still trying to catch up.

Quote of the Day:

The US National Security Agency’s Prism program seems to be lifting personal data from the internet. How?

Internet giants including Google and Facebook strongly deny that the NSA has direct access to its servers. There is another way, however. A slide from an internal NSA Powerpoint presentation suggests the agency is siphoning directly from fibre-optic cables. To do this, it probably uses “splitters”, which split the light beam.

Recent research by Andrew Clement at the University of Toronto, Canada, shows that 99 per cent of US internet traffic goes through one of just 18 cities. So if the NSA installed splitters at a few strategic points “it could intercept a large proportion of internet traffic”, Clement says.

New Scientist, “We know who you are”, June 13, 2013.