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*Yawwwwn.* Is it bedtime yet?

Quote of the Day:

I came to be acquainted [with] cannabis about a year-and-a-half ago. A colleague of mine at Microsoft – who is one of the top programmers there – he told me that he uses it frequently. Now, to give you a bit about my background, I grew up in the era of Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan – ‘Just say ‘No’ to drugs,’ and ‘This is your brain on drugs,’ with the frying pan and the egg. It’s something I just simply didn’t want anything to do with it. And when this brilliant friend of mine tells me he was using it regularly, I said ‘What the heck are you doing? Aren’t you worried you’re going to hurt your brain?’ He said, to the contrary, ‘I’m convinced that within five years, marijuana will come to be regarded as a health food. It totally blew my mind.

Microsoft manager Jamen Shively — the man who plans to bring corporate branding to cannabis.