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Mars Billion Pixels Martian Curiosity Rover NASA

Mars in a Billion Pixels

Put a pillow on the floor for your jaw and feast your eyes on this 1.3 billion pixel panorama of the Barsoom Martian surface. Taken by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity, you can zoom in on Mount Sharp on the horizon, or pan around in a full circle.

Does that vista look familiar? You might recall the 360-degree interactive panorama that was released last year. Unfortunately, there are no Martian rats or princesses of Helium to be seen.

Mars Panorama – Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 2 in Out of this World

And if you took my advice and used a cushion before gazing upon this jaw-dropping image, have a look for lost change when you put the cashion back on your couch — we’re still rattling the tin cup here at the Grail. We especially want to hear your ideas and input for the site’s future; with your help, TDG can still be around when the first human lands on the red planet.