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It must be World Discover-Lost-Cities Week! Barely a week after we heard the exciting news of a lost city found in Cambodia, comes the announcement of an ancient Maya city discovered in Mexico’s Central Lowlands. The site has been dubbed Chactún, “Red Stone”; one of 19 stelae unearthed so far bears inscriptions detailing the ruler K’inich B’ahlam “fixed the Red Stone (or Stone Great) in 751”. Chactún is extensive, covering 22 hectares of jungle:

[quote=Past Horizons]In these spaces are scattered numerous pyramidal structures, two ballgame courts, patios, plazas, sculptured monuments and residential areas. The tallest pyramid, 23 metres high, is located in the west complex, however, the stelae and altars, some of which still have the remains of stucco on them, best reflect the splendour of the city in the Late Classic (600-900 AD).[/quote]

Once again, LIDAR has been hailed for its role in identifying the site in an area that has largely remained a big blank on archaeological maps. Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History has a photo gallery you can stare wistfully at, and imagine yourself with a machete and fedora seeking fortune and glory. Read more at Past Horizons.

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