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Something ate RPJ’s internet.

  • Alan Moore interviewed on psychogeography.
  • 3D-print your face on a piece of Mars – oh, that’s been done already? OK, so how about 3D-printing your face on a doll, 3-D printing pizza for Mars colonists and searching for faces with Google Faces
  • Conspiracy theories are a mythologization of capitalism.
  • Is that why rational people buy into conspiracy theories?
  • You are your data: The scary future of the quantified self movement.
  • Rewriting the story of Stonehenge.
  • Rewriting the story of paganism: Wikipedia’s anti-pagan, in-house troll finally banned.
  • The Onion’s Future News from the year 2137.
  • Nano “flowers” created in lab.
  • spookydate.com – paranormal dating: “Like a normal dating site but with more dead people”.
  • Orbit helicopter controlled by biofeedback.
  • Republished by Anomalist Books: Operation Trojan Horse – The Classic Breakthrough Study of UFOs by John A. Keel.
  • Monster Files – unleashed by Nick Redfern.
  • Robert Crumb talks about life, books, and LSD.

Thanks Rick, Cat and RPJ!

Quote of the Day:

Given that patterns are a construct of the human mind and human sense of aesthetics, it would seem to me that in a sense all patterns can be seen as patterns that aren’t there. By the same token, though, the only measure of a pattern’s actual validity is therefore in its elegance or its utility.

Alan Moore