News Briefs 20-05-2013

Can you smell a change in the wind?

Quote of the Day:

I could feel the weight of my lips and tongue, and I had to change how I was talking. I hadn’t realized I’d learned to talk with a weightless tongue.

Chris Hadfield, on returning to Earth after five months on the ISS.

  1. dogs vs. wolves
    …you asked for it…

    Often when these tests are done to compare how a dog solves a problem verses a wolf, the wolf is thrown down as the one who would rather figure it out himself. Because the wolf won’t “ask” for human help he is somehow “less intelligent,” but why the hell should a wolf, or any wild animal, rely on humans? However, wolves have shown that they CAN learn by observing the actions of humans. One man reported being watched closely by a lone wolf while he fixed the hinge on his cabin door. Then while he walked off to collect fire wood, he returned to find the wolf “playing” at the hinge as if he was trying to repeat what he had just seen being done. Dogs have an inherent ability to learn from humans through observation, about the IQ of a toddler, but they get it from their wolf side.

  2. The Kat’s Out the Bag!
    “Only elitists oppose Monsanto’s global domination plan, says CEO.!”

    Well give us the evidence that statement’s true Mr Monsanto CEO.

    “Inconvenient truth about GM: Genetic modification has done little to increase crop yields.”

    OMG it’s true Kat an elitist opposing Monsanto’s global domination plan!

    …in which case how best can we help you oppose them dear?

    1. keep reading
      This looks like it may be an effective opposition tool:

      New App lets you boycott Koch Brothers, Monsanto and more by scanning your shopping cart.

      Of course, I wouldn’t want to give up my luddite-ness, and buy a cell phone just to use this app. Guess I’ll have to borrow my neighbor’s phone until I figure out which items to leave off my shopping list from now on.

      My theory of opposition is, don’t reward behavior you don’t like with more of your money. Since I’ve always been basically an ascetic, this works little hardship on me. Not only do I not try to ‘keep up with the Jones,’ I don’t even know what the Jones have.

      Or were you just pulling my elitist leg? 😉

  3. Hence the Saying Always Remember to Wash Your Koch
    “Koch Carbon: North America’s petroleum coke – the dirtiest residue from the dirtiest oil on earth – is sold to Mexico, South America, India, and China, which uses it as a cheap alternative to low-grade coal to generate electricity, adding to their air-quality woes.”

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