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News Briefs 03-05-2013

More cosmic weirdness:

  • 82,000-manuscript collection Vatican Library goes online.
  • Filming of ‘Fishing with David Lynch’ interrupted by ‘sea monster‘.
  • The Oatmeal’s campaign to buy Tesla’s old lab for a museum succeeds.
  • We are avatars: our online psyches are leaking into meatspace.
  • Was the UFO that nearly hit an airliner above Glasgow a remote-control flying shark?
  • Rupert Sheldrake on potential positive outcomes of the TED fiasco.
  • Two free chapters of Graham Hancock’s new novel ‘War God‘.
  • 3D-printed bionic ear made of cells and nanoparticles detects radio frequencies beyond human hearing range.
  • Scientists make transistor out of DNA and RNA. Next step – a transistor radio for the bionic ear to listen to.
  • Our solar system is a cosmic weirdo. As above, so below.
  • Giant rubber duck draws attention to the global bathtub.
  • First Tunguska meteorite fragments discovered.
  • Disappointingly, déjà vu not a glitch in the matrix.
  • An exerpt from The New Science of Psychedelics (Amazon US/UK) by David Jay Brown.
  • Do blind people believe in ghosts?
  • BoA Audio returns with a discussion of Michael Bott’s new book (Amazon US/UK) on subterranean mysteries.
  • From Baltimore to Venus – in 1928.
  • Scale the universe with a scroll bar.
  • Shroom Trip Opera.

Thanks RPJ!

Quote of the Day:

Our eyes are the eyes of the earth; our knowledge is the earth’s knowledge.

Joseph Campbell