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News Briefs 28-03-2013

Hello Baphomet!

  • Was Jesus a woman?
  • Memories of near death experiences: more real than reality?
  • Human/Neanderthal hybrid skeleton found? (‘lovechild’ may be the wrong term here).
  • Jimmy Page, Aleister Crowley and the curse of Eddie And The Hot Rods.
  • Pesticide makes bees forget the scent for food.
  • Sea hare blocks predators sense of smell (and it’s a Stegosaurus/slug hybrid by the looks of it).
  • Smelling out the spurious Eostre Hare.
  • Back in 1973, thought-detector vans not only successfully reduced the number of telepathic crimes in Scarfolk, but also exposed hundreds of “wrong thinkers.”
  • The largest cyberattack in history that never happened.
  • Sounds like consciousness? Electroencephalophonic music to my ears!
  • Fukushima town revealed in Google Street View two years after tsunami.
  • Suspected bones of Alfred the Great exhumed.
  • Shooting star over Stonehenge.
  • Zen and the illusion of free will.
  • The Rainbow City built By Martians in Antarctica.
  • Dr. Who, blonde twins, harp music, what’s not to love?

Thanks, as ever, to everyone on the Twitter

Quote of the Day:

“a ‘wrong thought’ is a thought, which, when thought, contains themes thought to be not right, therefore wrong, and therefore prosecutable. An unthought thought may be potentially wrong, but the thought will not be prosecutable until such a time that the thought has been thought and its themes have been thoroughly thought through and deemed wrong by the authorities. Thinking about which specific thoughts may or may not be prosecutable may also be prosecutable.”

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