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I think I remember how to post the Grail news, it’s like riding a bike. Although that’s what Albert Hofmann said…

Tip o’ the hat to Rob Brezsny, David Metcalfe, & three huzzahs to Perceval for covering the news during my alien abduction Cirque du Soleil training.

Quote of the Day:

I cannot endure to read a line of poetry. I have tried to read Shakespeare, and found it so intolerably dull that it nauseated me. I have almost lost my taste for pictures and music. I lament this curious loss of my higher aesthetic tastes. . . My mind seems to have become a machine for grinding general laws, out of larger collections of facts, but why this should have caused the atrophy of that part of the brain alone, on which the higher tastes depend, I cannot conceive.

~ Charles Darwin