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How long will they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look?

  • Ecuadorean tribe will ‘die fighting’ to defend rainforest.
  • Climbing out of uncanny valley?
  • Don’t be a dick. The science of why comment trolls suck.
  • Brian Cox effect‘ leads to surge in demand for physics.
  • If the universe is a giant brain, then this is not the largest known structure in the universe (Brian Cox’s head, maybe?).
  • This isn’t the petition response you’re looking for.
  • Ageing processs in mice reversed.
  • Fisher-Price synesthesia.
  • Emerging evidence of Jimmy Savile’s satanic rituals involving rape, in public hospital.
  • Could crows be mind-readers?
  • Mongooses talk like humans.
  • Fascinating survey of medieval church graffiti.
  • The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational.
  • Silbo gomero: A whistling language revived.
  • Not mushroom for all that detail.
  • Turtles all the way down, or just a jellyfish?

Quote of the Day:

Experiences are the chemicals of life with which the philosopher experiments.

Manly P Hall