News Briefs 13-12-2012

Embrace ambtwiguity

  • Happy new cycle? Maya banned from performing ceremonies at ancestral temples in Mexico.
  • Piltdown Man tests could solve hoax. (DYK Teilhard de Chardin was a suspect? Me neither.)
  • Thirteen Iron Age cauldrons found at feast site.
  • Psychiatry goes insane: every human emotion now classified as a disorder.
  • Fossil find challenges tree of life as we know it.
  • Origin of life needs a rethink.
  • Russian ‘frog in a bucket of milk‘ lore reveals potential ‘new’ antibiotics.
  • The coming interspiritual age.
  • Britain’s weirdest festivals.
  • Was this the cave that inspired the myth of Hades? (Or did it just happen to fit the archetype?)
  • Chinese tweeters misunderstand Aussie PM’s apocaypse message.
  • Psyops warfare on scientist parents.
  • Sound from slime mold? Do these increasingly-common musical interpretations of research have any scientific value, or do I hear the sound of a promotional bandwaggon rolling? Go buy the new Stylophone analogue synth, nerds!
  • Speaking of bandwaggons, the dozenalists will have a long wait for their next big marketing opportunity. Hope it works out for them this time round.
  • Odokuro – a Gothic tale with a sci-fi twist, narrated by Gary Numan.
  • A different (faked?) angle on Brighton’s Christmas illuminations.
  • Oh, and by the way, Youtube videos put around 4,000 tonnes of CO2/day into the atmosphere. Enjoy (It’s OK, this one’s on Vimeo).

Quote of the Day:

There are three classes of people: those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see.

Leonardo da Vinci