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News Briefs 07-12-2012

”The voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

With thanks to RPJ…

Quote of the Day:

“People wish to learn to swim and at the same time to keep one foot on the ground.”

M. Proust

  1. the problem with trees…
    …may have to deal with a lack of large predators. When Aldo Leopold took up the reigns against the killing of wolves he discovered that by allowing large grazing animals to prosper without anyone eating them, the number blew up and the trees decreased substantially. Not only do grazers eat the trees before they get much chance to come out of the ground, but they also trample them. When wolves were reintroduced, scientists saw a return of aspens and other deciduous trees in mass. This sparked the return of birds, beavers, and other nearly extinct wildlife. If we were able to increase the dominant number of major predators in areas around the world, I guarantee you would see an increase in the tree growth rate, be it wolves, tigers, lion, or whatever. The high levels of livestock production also damage land that was once for growth of forests, as does some agriculture. Soy bean growth in South America is destroying the rain forest.

    ok, i’m done for now 😛

  2. Mystery island
    I love how a boat full of guys said they couldn’t find the island, and therefore, 300 years of explorers got it wrong and it never existed. I will let one of the commenters explain this:

    [quote=wrascil]Thank GOD for naturally occurring climate change and a 5000 year rise in sea levels for eliminating that hazard to navigation… the world is a safer place today because of this…[/quote]

    …thank you.

    I live near an island that no longer exists actually, it was destroyed in a storm similar to the hurricane we just had because it was basically a sandbar. Nice to know in a few more storms, some dumbasses on a boat will never know I existed 😛

  3. from the Art-is-Long-Life-is-Short-Dept.
    Oh youthful Rainforest, some 55 million orbits old, who holds within your grasp and through an even older waterway(s)…

    I’m glad you’re here for a short bit…another collection of experiments in the great collection of experiments that is existence…

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