News Briefs 15-11-2012

Love triangles, love rhomboids, and even love pentagons. So glad to see the Americans getting so interested in Geometry.

  • Israeli military breaks news of Gaza strike on Twitter. Soon killer drones will start Tweeting, and we ALL shall be forced to follow them… just to be safe.
  • 3D printing: the next tactical advantage for the US troops.
  • Not only you can use the White House We the People site to request your state to be seceded from the Union, but ALSO to show some love to Bigfoot.
  • NASA wants their Orion capsule to land like a helicopter. Ezekiel anyone?
  • Dark energy spreading across the Universe. Maybe it’s the Flood?
  • Rogue planet discovered 100 light-years away. Rogues steal your moons from behind.
  • Qualccom co-founder gives $3.5M to search for ET. Looks like Seth is gonna get a new Beemer!
  • From There to Here: a story of alien abductions, synchronicity and cosmic connections.
  • Consciousness Shmonsciousness! We can do Math without being aware.
  • Oliver Sacks: the neurologist who risked ruining his own brain –for Science!
  • It smells like teen poltergeist.
  • I don’t know therefore alleles: Unique gene for human evolution found.
  • RIP Dennis Avner a.k.a. Stalking Cat. May he reincarnate in a tiger next time.
  • Duke researchers have perfected their invisibility cloak. their next project will be perfecting the Floo powder.
  • Thousands of Australian students are taught that robots led the Russian Revolution. Leninus Prime still awaits in stasis to be reactivated by the AllHammer-and-Sickle, after being deceived by Megastalin.
  • Red pill of the day: Russian granny kills attacking wolf with axe and her own bare hands –insert “In Soviet Russia…” joke in comments section.

A Mountain High thanks to Kat.

Quote of the Day:

“We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”

~George Orwell

  1. Restating the obvious
    Folks like Neil Degrasse Tyson come to mind. Condescending captain obvious who tells us we’re all dummies (while helping exactly nobody, same with Carl Sagan)

    1. I beg to differ
      I honestly think we should stop with this futile “Us vs Them” mentality that’s so pervasive in the Fortean community.

      Yes, before Tyson Sagan was deeply antagonistic towards the UFO phenomenon and other things we hold in high regard. That doesn’t give us the right to discard EVERYTHING he had to say about the Universe.

      As a young curious boy, watching the translated version of Cosmos on Mexican TV was a deeply inspirational & formative experience. And for that I shall forever be grateful to him.

  2. granny got an axe
    [quote=] took matters (technically an axe) into her own hands and chopping it in the head. She didn’t WANT to chop it in the head though, she wanted to choke it to death at first [/quote]

    HOLY SHIT!!! I feel sorry for the wolf!!!

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