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Crikey, not exactly how I imagined Samhain!

  • Scientists prove Alan Turing right, maths & nature are intricately entwined.
  • Walking the pagan path with ‘Robin of Sherwood’ actor Mark Ryan.
  • I heartily recommend Mark’s The Wildwood Tarot (Amazon US, UK).
  • The ancient Pagan tradition of Samhain & honouring the dead.
  • Can quantum physics explain the survival of consciousness after death?
  • Hrmm, Dr Stuart Hameroff’s quantum consciousness sounds familiar.
  • Professor says remove the paranormal from popular media, & beliefs will go away.
  • Feel your intuition; your body can predict future events without conscious clues.
  • Researchers look beyond space & time to cope with quantum theory.
  • Voyager 1 detects weirdness at the edge of our solar system.
  • Exploring the evolution & divinity of the colour blue. Makes good music too.
  • Primates see the world through triangular grids. With an all-seeing eye at the top.
  • Elephants have distinct personalities. Myers-Briggs just got complicated.
  • Aztec DNA may answer 15th century disappearance of Mexico’s Otomi.
  • Saudis bulldoze Islam’s ancient history to build world’s biggest mosque.
  • Nothing says “I love you” more than a talisman made from human skulls.
  • Traditional Incan ‘despacho’ shamanic ceremony in the heart of Manhattan.
  • Mundo Maya 2012 events reach fever pitch to the ka-ching! of cash registers.
  • US intelligence agency hired a psychic to track bumbling Aussie spy.

Mucho gracias, Kat.

Quote of the Day:

Well, of course we understand the laws of physics completely: we wrote them. Whether we’ve finished writing them is another matter…

~ Doug Skinner, in response to Sean Carroll.