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  • Melbourne researchers discover cracks in the universe.
  • Larry King chats with UFO researchers James Fox & Tom DeLonge, whilst Michael Shermer flings the same old pseudoskepticism.
  • Britain visited by one UFO a month, but MoD rules they pose no threat.
  • Despite accounting for only 1% of cases, the Navajo Rangers take reports of paranormal phenomena seriously.
  • Are we alone in the universe? Visualising the Drake Equation.
  • NASA’s Kepler space telescope spots another 41 exoplanets.
  • The Mars Curiosity rover won’t make a mountain out of a… wait, what?
  • Searching for alien life in the oceans of Jupiter & Saturn’s moons.
  • Here be sea serpents: are mosasaurs breeding off the New Zealand coast?
  • Science on the Silk Road & a taste for adventure.
  • Beekeeping in ancient Egypt & today.
  • Google Street View was at Chichen Itza, stealing ancient aliens’s personal data.
  • Spelunker captures the otherworldly wonder of cave cathedrals.
  • After mastering sign language, bonobo makes stone tools. He’ll be blogging soon.
  • Video: income inequality enrages monkey. Imprisonment doesn’t help, either.
  • There & probably not back again: tortoise walks 70 mile journey.
  • Do birds use quantum entanglement to ‘see’ Earth’s magnetic field?
  • Behold the ferocious power of lightning strikes… & rainbows?

Thankee Kat, RPJ, & Greg.

Quote of the Day:

Is being curious a talent?

Mark Staufer