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All hail Sauron.

  • Scientist claims jellyfish-like aliens exist.
  • The unbearable uncanniness of being. Relax. Enjoy the weird.
  • NASA calls this newly released photo of Mars “the next best thing to being there”.
  • Meet the Magus: Magic in the works of Alan Moore.
  • Rightful King of England dies.
  • UFOs: What are they? Perhaps we should ask Andrew Collins.
  • Testicle-eating fish invade Illinois lake.
  • The spiritual world’s reaction to the Higgs Boson discovery.
  • Uruguay to become first government to sell cannabis to its citizens.
  • Ouija board helps psychologists probe the subconscious (and inspires them to create a Ouija app).
  • World’s weirdest penis.
  • This week’s proof of the pending robo-pocalypse… Scientists create biologically accurate walking robot legs. The right trousers?

Thanks RPJ & Greg

Quote of the Day:

Any technology sufficiently assimilated as to be part of everyday life no longer feels magical.

Eleanor Saitta (@Dymaxion)