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I think Kat might be trying to hook HAARP up to her new computer…

  • Students left in mass hypnosis after demonstration goes awry.
  • Do brain scans of comatose patients reveal a conscious state?
  • Norwegian politician’s NDE changed his life (english translation needed!).
  • It could be a David Bowie b-side: dry ice & snowflakes on Mars.
  • Double burst of solar particles makes the sky sing the blues.
  • Mysterious electric blue clouds have reappeared over both poles again.
  • Experiments suggest neutrons could be traveling through the multiverse.
  • Short indie film 88:88 shows creepiness of alien encounters, sans the Spielberg budget.
  • Did Disney’s CIA advisor put an alien code in the Race To Witch Mountain?
  • Lloyd Pye announces genetic evidence the Starchild skull is extraterrestrial.
  • The mysterious elongated skulls of Paracas, Peru.
  • Micah Hanks interviews Erich von Daniken on the latest Graelian Report.
  • The Bradshaw Foundation’s brilliant new British Isles prehistory archive.
  • 28,000-year-old aboriginal rock art discovered in Australia.
  • Neanderthals may have been cave artists too.
  • Stunning Blade Runner animation, made with 3000 watercolours & glittering c-beams.
  • The Bad Astronomer doesn’t like the pseudoscience fiction of Prometheus (*Warning: Spoilers!*). More tentacle p0rn perhaps?
  • You’ll never want to swim in the ocean again once you find out how an octopus hitched a ride on a dolphin.

Thanks to Red Pill Junkie, Morten, & JB.

Quote of the Day:

They say there’s a place down in Mexico
Where a man can fly over mountains and hills
And he don’t need an airplane or some kind of engine
And he never will
Now you know it’s a meaningless question
To ask if those stories are right
‘Cause what matters most is the feeling
You get when you’re hypnotized

Hypnotized, Fleetwood Mac (RIP Bob Welch, August 31, 1945 – June 7, 2012)