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Curated and delivered:

  • Redefining the real.
  • Robert McLuhan on the politics of psi.
  • Nick Redfern on Adamski and the occult.
  • Gospel of Barnabas will cause Christianity’s collapse, Iran claims.
  • Is the Beast of Hackney Marshes really the Beast of Dunlace Road?
  • The threefold path of virtual reality.
  • Aliens won’t want to enslave us, says world-famous alien hunter.
  • Everest’s psychological trap.
  • Prehistoric Facebook reveals ancient timeline.
  • New evidence of an unseen planet?
  • HAARP manipulates time, says physicist.
  • Beautiful alphabet made from human bones.
  • Condiment lubricant. More useful than it sounds.
  • Use condoms. More useful than they sound.
  • Clouds that look like things.

Thanks RPJ and Cat

Quote of the Day:

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest man.

Roald Dahl