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News Briefs 10-04-2012

And if you don’t get any of this, don’t feel inferior.

  • Academic spring: how an angry maths blog sparked a scientific revolution.
  • Intoxicating trends.
  • Universal cancer vaccine developed.
  • How the US can lead the way to extra-terrestrial land deals.
  • Palaeontologists sink aquatic dinosaur nonsense.
  • Obese moms may be more likely to have an autistic child.
  • Chernobyl disaster gave football star Stiliyan Petrov cancer.
  • Does the vaginal orgasm exist? And if you are a woman that doesn’t get them don’t feel inferior.
  • The Professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology wants you to dream on.
  • Hungry mothers give birth to more daughters.
  • Six mystery blasts.
  • Controversy deepens over pesticides and bee collapse.
  • Resistance to the front-line treatments for malaria is increasing.
  • UFO cover-up on last shuttle mission?
  • Pentagon plans for telepathic troops within five years.
  • Global data set shows that rising greenhouse gas levels drove the end of the last ice age.
  • Much faster than a speeding bullet, planets and stars escape the Milky Way.
  • Does the Government want to make GCHQ the Big Brother for Europe?
  • Scientists turn to natural world for clues of shifting seasons.
  • Slime moulds: no brains, no feet, no problem.

Quote of the Day:

Arguments are to be avoided; they are always vulgar and often convincing.

Oscar Wilde

  1. Vaginal Orgasms

    And if you are a woman that doesn’t get them don’t feel inferior.

    But you might wanna contribute for Greg’s other book, Stop Worrying: There Probably is a G-Spot

    Waka waka waka! ^_^

  2. UFO cover-up
    Sheesh it’s almost embarrassing to hear.

    Mission Control 1:”Yeah the camera it’s showing three reflections”

    Mission Commander: “Do you see that?”

    Mission Control 2: “Um, we do see that”

    Mission Commander: “Ok”

    Mission Control 2: “Ok we are seeing 2 or 3 objects. Can you confirm that it’s just the one and the rest are reflections” (So that my companion here doesn’t end up looking like a complete idiot, I might add)

    Mission Commander: “No, there are 3 objects”

    *someone kicks him*

    Mission Commander: “Um yeah there seem to be pieces of foil”

    One of the upsides of the end of the shuttle era, is that it prevents these kind of embarrassments 😉

    Yeah, you might argue that there was a genuine concern from the mission commander about the objects because of the possibility that they were chunks of the shuttle’s thermal protection, but why didn’t Mission Control considered that possibility in the very first place, given the fact that the reason they were conducting the inspection was to ensure the safe return of the craft?

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