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Look under your bed. It’ll set you free.

  • Eff chocolate eggs! The Aztec rabbits were all about Pulque.
  • Mexico’s National Anthropology Museum is included in Google Art Project.
  • Multitasking comes easier to bilingual kids –that’s why I can play Angry Birds while writing this news briefssssCORE!!!
  • How would you sound on Mars?
  • Through a Fracture Dark Glass Darkly: A critical assessment of Whitley Strieber’s encounters with the Visitors [part 1] [part 2].
  • -Audio conversation between Mike Clelland & Jason Horsley –a.k.a. Aeolus Kephas– exploring the murky territory that defies our mental maps.
  • UFO encounters revealed after almost 40 years –Close encounters of the menopause kind?
  • Baddabing BaddaWOW! Unexplained lights over Vegas.
  • First alien Earth might be found in 2014 –but when did the aliens find US?
  • Prometheus: Ridley Scott, Alex Jones & the Illuminati agenda.
  • I’m the king of the Deep!: James Cameron says Mariana Trench is “desolate, lunar-like”.
  • Joe Davis: the (beautifully) mad scientist of MIT, who beamed the sound of vaginal contractions to nearby stars [Trailer].
  • Red pill of the day: Dalek relaxation tape.

Thanks to Rick & Penny Lane

Quote of the Day:

“Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid

Goethe Basil King