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News Briefs 03-04-2012

Certainly eclectic.

  • Will the government’s web snoop plans work?
  • Sparrows change their tune to be heard in noisy cities.
  • Bees self-medicate to fight off fungus.
  • Eclectus parrot can choose their offsprings’ gender.
  • Everything was a problem and we did not understand a thing.
  • Neuroscience wants to be the answer to everything. It isn’t.
  • The originality of the species.
  • We are underestimating the risk of human extinction.
  • Solar eclipses can slightly change weather on Earth.
  • Humans used fire earlier than thought.
  • Airborne power generator to produce energy at 1000 feet.
  • Bitcoin, the city traders’ anarchic new toy.
  • Solar climate change could cause rougher space weather with an 8% chance of a Maunder Minimum ahead.
  • Bodybuilding and nation-building.
  • The world’s most popular weed killer can cause amphibians to change shape.
  • Martian dark spots reveal heart of glass.
  • Death cap mushroom poison to arrest pancreatic cancer in mice.
  • Microbes help convert solar power to liquid fuel.
  • Seeing beyond the visual cortex.

Quote of the Day:

We think in generalities, but we live in detail.

Alfred North Whitehead

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