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Celestial Lights

The Sun might be going gaga on us, but the upside is all the purty light shows we’ll get to enjoy in the meantime:

Celestial Lights from Ole C. Salomonsen on Vimeo (shot in Norway, Finland and Sweden during autumn 2011, winter and spring of 2012).

H/T to Kathrinn for pointing this out.

  1. Muy Bonito Northern Lights
    Red Fill,

    It’s been 36 years since I saw the northern lights from Bottineau, North Dakota. Bottineau is a beautiful small town that is 10 miles south of the Canadian border. I used to visit Bottineau in the summer sometimes; because, I have relatives in Bottineau and my mother was born in a farm house near Bottineau. In the summer, the northern lights are beautiful when seen from Bottineau.

      1. Thank-You!
        Red Pill,

        Bottineau really is a neat place! But, Japan is neat also. Bottineau in my past and Japan is my future. But, you really should visit Bottineau if you get a chance.

        Note: The State of North Dakota is not in financial trouble. In fact, it makes money!

  2. from the Full-on-Noir-Dept.
    wow, i gotta get me to those scandawhoovian countries…not only do they have those spectacular light shows but such awesome incidental music at the same time; the USA has a rival in awesomeness :3

    1. They Also Have White Nights!

      When you are that far north, The sun doesn’t set during most of the spring and summer. I don’t know but they probably have white nights in South Island New Zealand, too.

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