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Wake me up when the quake’s over.

  • [Video] Apocalypse Now? Modern Maya and ancient prophecies.
  • BRB: Near-miss asteroid to return even closer next year.
  • Skull & Bones: The Parapolitics of Ten Thirteen’s Millennium (Part 1).
  • Radio Misterioso interviews the Rev. Ivan Stang, one of the founders of the Church of Subgenius –listen & become a Pope!
  • We’re all a bit Neanderthal. That explains why my sister thinks this fellow is sexy.
  • Researchers seek volunteers for study of mediumship. My guides tell me you’re just what they need –they also tell me to get a damn haircut.
  • Richard Dawkins explains why he thinks we need a Reason Rally. I for one advocate for a Woo Weekend 😉
  • 6 New Age cures that aren’t as full of crap as your skeptic buddy might think.
  • Tom Slick & JFK.
  • The middle-class Martian colony, as dreamed by Elon Musk.
  • 8 Ways Magnetic Levitation Could Shape the Future –#9: Levit-o-bras!
  • The steampunk grand-daddy of flying saucers.
  • Passengers film UFO on flight from Amsterdam. No, it wasn’t this guy.
  • Blue UFO filmed over France.
  • Michael Bay already soiled a cherished 80’s cartoon franchise; now his next target are the Ninja Turtles. Kawabummer…
  • Red pill of the day: Pirate Bay will send their servers to space. Is porn the greatest incentive for innovation instead of war?

My tremoring thanks to Rick & Greg.

Quote of the Day:

“Opinions have caused more ills than the plague or earthquakes on this little globe of ours.”