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News Briefs 14-03-2012

Panoramic Moebius art to feast your eyes on, un, deux, trois, quatorze.

Quote of the Day:

Scientists must stop giggling [about UFOs], and maybe we’ll be able to learn more in the future. If another civilization is a thousand years, a million years, ahead of us, then new laws of physics open up. And a million years, on the scale of the universe, is nothing.

~ Michio Kaku

  1. UFO filmed over Santiago
    That is truly an amazing case. More so because of the serious and open approach the Chilean Air Force took in order to investigate, and come to the conclusion that it was a physical object that defied all standard laws of avionics.

    1. Santiago UFO
      It’s an amazing case. Skeptics say it’s a bird, or a bug close to the lens, but it’s obvious from the still images and eyewitness accounts that it can’t be either of those. The perspective, distance, speed, etc, rules out birds and lens bugs. The video was taken in November 2010, and CEFAA did an exhaustive study before releasing their conclusions almost 18 months later — it’s not a bird, it’s not a bug, it’s not a plane, it’s not a drone, it’s a UFO that displays intelligent control.

      I like the seriousness and open-mindedness South American countries approach UFOs, even their military and governments. Reminds me a lot of France’s COMETA report. Although sometimes they can be too open, with Brazil’s numerous UFO cults a prime example. I’m interested in what Scott Coralles of Inexplicata has to say on the Santiago UFO.

      I’d love to see the actual video.

  2. I hope the Santiago Case Stays Visible…
    …and gets more examination and publicity.
    This is the most interesting UFO story in some long time and I think it would stand up to a long article, even a book.

    But all too often the most interesting cases get buried while the media rehashes some tired, watered down, ultra-speculative Von Daniken-inspired twaddle.

    I’m hoping Ms. Kean pushes this case forward.

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