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When does a machine stop being a machine?
When does it become a person?

Kara, a impressively-moving short video intended to portray the power of the Playstation’s graphic engine, makes a clever use of the limitations in accurately rendering a human character –the famous Uncanny Valley— as a powerful narrative element that adds depth to the story of a self-aware android.

[H/T Boing Boing]

  1. from the Blasphemous-Eurekas-Dept.
    aww, how cute

    (i wonder if universe is ever like that technician? “dum de du–WtF???! specks of dirt can talk?!”)

      1. A robot ceases being a mere
        A robot ceases being a mere android when it can harness paranormal abilities. Living things have complex paranormal relationships to the world beyond their skins. It is conceivable that once we develop a better understanding of these abilities and figure out the physical relationships that they can be programmed into an artificial intelligence that has sensors capable of paranormal seeing.

        A robot ceases being a mere android when it does actions that surprise it, i.e. actions that were not the product of logic and which cause the robot to pause and wonder what motivated the actions. If it cannot figure out what caused it to behave a certain way then it may be embarking on a path of self doubt and self questioning and acknowledging that its machine logic may be inadequate at times.

        1. Self-surprise
          Yeah, that might be it. The moment you begin to question yourself is the moment you become you’re aware that you are alive.

          As for the paranormal stuff… who knows. Maybe being part of the consciousness field that permeates the Universe allows you to alter its programming 🙂

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