News Briefs 23-02-2012

Oh s#%t! What time is it?!

Thanks to Rick, Greg, Terry, Micah, Jeff & Robbie.

Quote of the Day:

“Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.”

~Douglas Adams

  1. Einstein Was A Brilliant Scientist; But,…
    Red Pill,

    Einstein was human and he might have been wrong about some things. Maybe nutrinos can travel faster than light, maybe they can’t. Why does the Universe have to have a speed limit? Einstein died in 1955. That was 57 years ago and we have more than tripled our knowledge since then. Why can’t we keep an open mind about what might be possible?

    1. Light going faster
      The way I understand it –and I could BE wrong!– Cosmologists already recognize that the speed of light was not the same constant we have now, during the incredible expansion that took place at the very first moments after the Big Bang –this according to the Inflationary theory.

      So, maybe the Universe experiences different ‘speed limits’ during different stages of its life. But that is different than Neutrinos breaking the law on their own 😉

      1. I Basically Agree With You!
        Red Pill,

        As I understand it, the speed of light, which may vary from time to time, is supposed to be the speed limit. But, according to Infationary Theory, there is no speed limit that applies to the expansion of the fabric of space-time. Furthermore, as I understand it, the real problem with exceeding the speed of light is increase in mass. As we travel faster, our mass increases. As such, the power needed to propel us increases. At the speed of light, a paper clip would have the mass of a tall building and a rocket ship would have the mass of a tall mountain. So, forget chemical propelants. But, if we could use gravity or electro-magnetism, things could change.

        1. from the Miracles-all-the-time-Dept.

          here are some fun videos for you

          so, even if i were able to go at the speed of light or more, i would become zero length, infinite mass, and i wouldn’t be able to tell you or anyone else aboot it because while in my frame of reference time would still be going 1 s/s, to anyone else, time would be frozen :3

          (i’ve also had fun pointing out to some Christian folk who believe in miracles how physics groks miracles — they even have an equation for it — and that the sun works because of it)

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