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In the immortal words of Douglas Adams…

  • Single cells, our humble beginning.
  • Olfactory untruths?
  • Low mass star located in globular cluser.
  • Orangutans offer new clues to human history.
  • Nine-story plunge over Noccalula Falls.
  • Guilt-wridden atheists?
  • Aircraft carrier, courtesy of China.
  • Nursery of rebellious stars.
  • DNA as crystal ball?
  • Tayrona Lost City is back in the news.
  • Harpooning comets.
  • Ancient mysteries of 2011 top ten list!
  • NASA and Yellow Cab have something else in common… delays.
  • Killer-clawed dinosaurs lead to new theories of flight.
  • Suicidal cloud heads for black hole at Milky Way’s center.
  • Funding for chimp research is finished in the states.
  • Oxygen purifying blue-jeans?
  • RXTE rocks at identifying mini-black holes.
  • Arbor-geddon hits tinseltown.
  • Lava tubes on Earth = Mars conditions.
  • LED, the light at the end of the tunnel?
  • The Electric Universe– a new paradigm.
  • Higgs, the missing link? It’s def. got the missing part down…
  • Earthquakes linked to heavy rainfall.
  • Falling birds in St. George, Utah.
  • Impact crater in AZ offers glimpse into Earth’s past.
  • Salmon virus under debate in Vancouver.
  • Hitchens departs this mortal coil.

Happy holidays and sincere thanks to all readers, fans, friends and contributors to TDG! Here’s to a brilliant new year…

Quote of the Day:

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

Dr. Seuss