News Briefs 15-12-2011

Let’s go for a ride to the heavens
& discover what’s eternal

Thanks Rick.
And Farewell, Ricky Garduno.

Quote of the Day:

“Knowledge must learn how to speak his wisdom in a way that seems like folly.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

  1. The Pyramid Of The Sun Is Very Interesting To Me?
    Red Pill,

    Why do you think the Pyramid of the Sun was built? I think that it was build for either Religious reasons or Astronomical reasons that might be related to Orion’s Belt or both. But, I don’t know.

    1. Both
      My impression is that making those kind of distinctions are moot, and are a sign of our cultural bias (Science vs Religion).

      To the ancient inhabitants of Mesoamerica, those distinctions were nonexistent. Rituals were filled with Science, and Science was integral to their Religion.

      I suspect they chose that particular location for very concrete reasons, that we are not able to deduce yet. Maybe it’s got something to do with the natural cave formation that runs below the pyramid.

  2. “Make it so, Number One.”
    I wonder how superliminal neutrinos affect the outlook on FTL travel? It will be interesting to see how this news sorts out. Is FTL just for neutrinos, or can we copy their trick?

    Paul Allen’s plane is a commendable enterprise. Although, I do think he would be wiser to use a flying wing design for something that large.

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