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Unconscious learning may lead to a lot of very confused people.

  • Unconscious learning of high performance tasks may soon become a reality.
  • Higgs boson may have been glimpsed.
  • Glass of water has DNA traces of every living thing in a lake.
  • The research bust.
  • Life possible on large regions of Mars.
  • Babies choosy about who they imitate.
  • Changes in bioelectric signals trigger formation of new organs.
  • Enormous planets composed of diamond may exist in our galaxy.
  • Identical twins in every way but one.
  • Master of the OOBE illusion.
  • Supreme court takes a look at medical patents.
  • Birds benefit from knowing their neighbours.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases make people smell less pleasant to the opposite sex.
  • The worzel deep sea ash.

Quote of the Day:

Experience teaches slowly and at the cost of mistakes.

James A. Froude