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News Briefs 15-11-2011

It has all gone Pear-shaped. But what is wrong with a Pear shape really?

  • Regime change in Europe: do Greece and Italy amount to a Bankers’ coup.
  • Why the Arabic World turned away from science.
  • Google Earth spots huge, unidentified structures in Gobi desert.
  • Ape hand gestures reveal where humans evolved language.
  • Is there a city on Pluto?
  • Psychopaths: Born evil or with a diseased brain?
  • Chemists claim metallic hydrogen creation first.
  • The Clock of the Long Now moves from thought experiment to actual timepiece.
  • The king of human error.
  • New computer chip models how neurons communicate.
  • Huge prehistoric sunken islands found in Indian Ocean.
  • 22 Sperm Whales die in Australia.
  • Strangers spot people with compassionate genes in seconds.
  • Son of Zeus.

Quote of the Day:

Everybody lies, but it doesn’t matter because nobody listens.

Nick Diamos

  1. This question of “evil” and
    This question of “evil” and psychopathology has really interested me lately after having absorbed a bunch of these ghost hunting documentaries. In a few of these there are unrested spirit psychopaths who are just continuing on in the next plane up doing their dirty work, but then there are these very fundamental “energies” almost disembodied and non human who very adequately represent to me the classic “evil.” There isn’t really a “psychology” to deal with or engage. What sends them scooting tends to be Bibles and strong appeals to a white light God. For someone supposedly educated away from superstition I have found these discoveries to be a bit scandalizing. It has taken me awhile to admit to these fundamentalisms. It does not convert me to Christianity or any other formal religion, but it has made me aware of the possibility that there is a bedrock component of existence worthy of the name “evil.” It cannot be reasoned with or be treated with psychotherapy or drugs. It just is, and sometimes nothing can be done about it but to get out of its way.

    1. Spirit psychopaths… maybe they’re just tapes…
      Granted, this information comes from a channeled source – but it’s an interesting explanation of hauntings.

      “Humans love things that go bump in the night. They love to be frightened and they love to be scared. They love movies that scare them and they love haunted places. Have you seen the upsurge in the interest of haunted places lately? Much of your media is creating new shows around them…

      Here’s what I’m going to tell you: In certain conditions and in certain ways, a Human life or an interaction of multi-lives together in a profound scenario will create an energetic informational imprint in a place. It’s information and energy that will replay itself over and over and over like a recording tape in 3D. You see it as a haunted house! So here is some of the things that will give you something to think about: Did you notice that in a haunting, you have a scenario that repeats itself over and over? Nothing new ever happens. The man comes down the stairs, the man goes up the stairs. The woman in the kitchen moves from the left to the right, sits in a chair, rocks for awhile, moves away. If it involved dramatic things such as murder, the man comes down the stairs with the ax, over and over and over and over. It’s a good movie, isn’t it? And that’s all it is!…

      Now, science has gotten involved also, as they should. They’re noticing something about true “haunted” areas. The imprint (the haunting) carries scientific attributes that are measureable and – ready – they’re all multidimensional! Guess what changes they have measured in these places? Magnetics, gravitation, light and even time anomalies, because what it is, is a multidimensional event, imprinted onto a place on the planet that plays over and plays over and plays over…

      Don’t ponder this too much, for you won’t like it. You absolutely want and need for there to be an intelligent “soul” where you feel something seemingly intelligent. How can it just be information? The answer is beyond your experience, so you can’t understand it. But multidimensional information seems to have what you consider to be “life consciousness,” yet it isn’t. Let me asks you this: When you interface with your artificial intelligence machines (computers), and they talk to you and call you by name, do you then panic and say there is a “ghost in the machine?” No. It’s only code… information. Now, amplify that by a million-fold and you have multidimensional imprints.

      How to Get Rid of a Ghost or Haunting

      Oh, I have more to tell you. There are things that you wouldn’t believe that you can do to change this imprint. How would you like to get rid of a haunting? Careful, you better not do it in a commercial area, since the tourists won’t like it! They depend on the tape playing to sell tickets.

      So, let’s say it’s in your house. You’re going to have to present an energy that is stronger than the imprint of the haunting. Got that? You cannot order it away. It’s not an entity, dear ones (told you it would be controversial). No amount of huffing and puffing or calling upon God will make it different. The imprint was created by magnificent, powerful beings (called Human), sometimes seeming to do ordinary things. There’s a reason for that as well… To rid yourself of an imprint (haunting). You’ve got to present an energy that is stronger than the haunting. Now, what could that be? As inappropriate as it is, I will tell you. Why don’t you bring lovers into that room? That will do it!”

      Here’s the link:

    2. Question

      Let me ask you, do you feel that the eternal human soul/spirit exists within the physical body as its sole pilot or does it co-exist with a sort of firm-ware entity that came with the machine and that dies with the physical body?

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