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News Briefs 08-11-2011

I’m amazed that a lot of these were not much bigger stories especially the one about the gummy bears.

  • Psychologist admits to faking dozens of scientific studies.
  • Crowds r us.
  • Locke, Darwin and America’s future.
  • Why are universities failing?
  • Cyborg yeast genes run by computer.
  • The stroke of genius strikes later in modern life
  • Woman had gigantic five stone leg amputated – but it’s started growing back!
  • Stone-cutter finds fossil whale in marble slabs.
  • UW scientists condemn gummy bears to crushing ocean depths.
  • Smirking face of the Devil discovered in Giotto fresco.
  • Castles of lost cities revealed in Libyan desert.
  • USgov: We aren’t hiding any space aliens.
  • Alternative medicine remains an ethics-free zone.
  • A near miss: asteroid 2005 YU55.
  • What the brain sees after the eye stops looking.

Quote of the Day:

Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own.


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