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News Briefs 28-10-11

“Discover the force of the heavens…”

A tower of thanks to RPJ!

Quote of the Day:

“Nature uses as little as possible of anything.”

J. Kepler

  1. RE: Ancient Aliens
    Look, a picture of some really old art!
    It could only have been made by Aliens!

    I guess I’m a sucker, because I actually hoped this Mexican claim would offer something just a wee tad bit more substantial.

    1. Mexican AND Guatemalan
      Apparently both nations are jumping in this little wagon.

      I’ve been trying to look for answers to this, because right now it smells very fishy to me. I did some of teh googling and found an e-mail of this Guatemalan archeologist —I did find info confirming he’s a professional archeologist— and shot him an e-mail asking about the evidence that will be shown in this documentary. Unfortunately my e-mail failed to be received.

      I also found a history online group where Mejía is subscribed. I joined the group and I’m planning to send him another message, so… keep your fingers crossed.

      1. Too good to be true
        I agree, it sounds too good to be true. But maybe, lets hope

        I’ll be following this one though and am looking forward to watching the documentary even though I’ll have my red marker pen out.

        Best Wishes Paolo

        1. I find it difficult to summon
          I find it difficult to summon up much hope when the initial release of information is so unsupported, vague and wildly speculative.
          They want us to …

          1) Assume the photo is real.
          2) Assume the statue in the photo is real.
          3) Assume that the statue dates to 4000 BC.
          4) Assume that the statue is not stylized or subject to the ancient artist’s limited skills but rather represents a prehistoric version of photo-realism.
          5) Assume that the image resembles nobody who could possibly have lived in that area 4000 years ago.
          6) Assume that because it looks like nobody who could possibly have lived in that area it therefore could only have been an attempt to capture the likeness of a traveler from another star.

          Seriously, the guy who found an image of the Virgin Mary toasted into a bagel has a much more reasonable claim of an encounter with the extraordinary.
          I’m a fool for this kinda stuff, but I have a feeling this is destined to be a cruel disappointment.

          1. If the photo is real…

            If the photo is real —and that’s a big-ass IF— then it’s interesting to me because it has a slight reminiscence of the Easter island Moais. And I remember there was a program made by the History channel that had to do with the Mayans, Easter island, and 2012.

            So that’s interesting enough for me, ancient aliens or not 😉

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