News Briefs 27-10-2011

It’s always darkest before the dawn.

Thanks Rick & Greg

Quote of the Day:

“We need to sit down with him, drink some tea and talk about life.”

Aman Tuleyev, Governor of Kemerovo (discussing the 1-mill. ruble reward offered to find the ‘Snow Person’ said to dwell in Siberia).

        1. I hear you
          It seems Garret Hedlund is gonna play Kaneda. IMO he’s too god-damned old!

          Not to mention the fact that the story is set in Neo-Tokio. Now it’s gonna be Neo-Chicago or whatever 🙁

          Also, what’s great about Japanese anime is that it’s purposefully ambiguous, whereas Hollywood always likes to explain and give the plot to you cut into tiny edible pieces –midiclorians anyone??

            WHY??? First they ruin Dragonball now this. I’m startin’ to get pissed off. If they DARE touch any Miyazaki film I’m gonna raise some hell.

          2. from the Standing-Uppity-Dept.
            Just you watch, someone will commission Cormac McCarthy, the Emperor of Nihilism hisself, to write a script for “Princess Mononucleosis”, but this time, everyone dies horribly and pointlessly in the end.

          3. Miyazaki-san
            I don’t think we have to worry about that. Miyasaki has been a huuuuge inspiration for many heavy-weights in the industry –like John Lasseter, for example– and anyway Disney is making a nice buck by just distributing his movies in the US.

            PS: Ditto on the Dragon (suck)Ball fiasco 🙁

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