News Briefs 26-10-2011

Enter the woods, get lost… and find yourself.

Muchas gracias Red Pill Junkie, Greg, grailseeker… & the Wildwood.

Quote of the Day:

By reading Huckleberry Finn I felt I was able to justify my act of going into the mountain forest at night and sleeping among the trees with a sense of security which I could never find indoors.

~ Kenzaburo Oe

  1. nazi conspiracy theories
    A hearty set of rumors for a business mag article, though they skipped the time-torsion/travel experiments with the Bell, the weaponized laser in the U boat, and they came SO close (without knowing it) to talking about the New Reich that Hitler and the rest of the Argentinian Germans set up in the Inner Earth (after travelling through either an opening in the South Pole or a tunnel in Brazil or something)!

    But cmon, they got the date of Operation Highjump wrong by 11 or 12 years, and left out the part where the commanding officer made public statements about getting schooled by a German UFO.

    Just saying, if they want crazy…

    1. Rudolf Hess & Spandau Ballet
      There are definitely wilder conspiracy theories regarding the Nazis! The thing is… some of the conspiracies have supporting evidence. For example, the real reason Rudolf Hess was duped into flying to Scotland to meet the Kirkpatricks — it was part of a secret psychic warfare plot. There’s also the question of whether the man imprisoned in Spandau was the real Rudolf Hess. I had a brief chat about this with Mark Ryan, author of The Pilgrim, a graphic novel he wrote with artist Mike Grell on the true paranormal interests of Britain during WWII. Considering the number of German scientists the Americans whisked away, it’s not out of the question that Hess never went to Spandau. I’m not surprised the article doesn’t mention Hess though, it’s very hard googling the paranormal aspects of his story — and that in itself could be a conspiracy!

      Edit: I kept writing Spandau Ballet instead of Prison. Nazi gold? Maybe Gary Lachman can shed some light on the alchemical references in Spandau Ballet’s music! 😉

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