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The universe does love irony, but I think I’ll stick with the entheogen theory of humanity’s awakening.
And, happy birthday to RedPillJunkie!

Big thanks to maxeyt, Pravda’s Dmitry, RickMG, & RedPillJunkie!

Quote of the Day:

It was absolutely incredible. The first rush was a little scary as I realized it wasn’t the placebo. That passed and next I was crossing boundaries of time and space and reality. I felt this weightlessness, this sense of being close to an unspeakable beauty that was unlike anything in my experience. For the first time since my diagnosis, I was not afraid of anything. The wall of depression that was building up day by day, the fear that I was going to die soon, that my daughter is only 8 — all those things disappeared. I wanted to stay there. I wanted it to last longer. I walked out of the session happy, unafraid of death. I don’t know why, but a transformation took place after being in that peaceful place. I relaxed. I started enjoying food again and was able to gain weight. The session taught me to be fully in the present. I’m optimistic. Mentally and physically, just better.

Kristof Kossut, speaking a year later about the positive changes in his life which resulted from a single dose of synthesized psilocybin.